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Here’s “The Mantis Tattoo”

My novelette “The Mantis Tattoo” first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2015, edited by C. C. Finlay.  The magazine has graciously given me permission to make it available for free here:   The Mantis Tattoo, Paul M Berger, F&SF In his Locus review of the issue, Gardner Dozois called it […]

“Subduction,” in full

In Locus Online, Lois Tilton recently called my story “Subduction” her “favorite F&SF piece from 2014.”  Her review last summer said: Excellent adult fantasy, tapping lightly into archetype but keeping the focus on the characters who have to face primordial forces of immense power — and pay the price for it. Tying the Earth’s great […]

“The Mantis Tattoo” Interview

The team at Fantasy & Science Fiction has posted this interview promoting my story “The Mantis Tattoo” on their blog.                 They let me sneak in a photo, and I am grateful for their indulgence. (It illustrates a point I was trying to make, and besides, nothing spiffs […]

From Tangent Online

Tangent Online reviewed the March/April issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, including my story “The Mantis Tattoo.”  They were very kind to me: Paul M. Berger demonstrates an impressive feat of exotic and atmospheric world-building… [He] has created two endearing characters and I hope he will return to them in future stories. – Jerard Betts Berger’s […]

From Locus

The first review of the March/April Fantasy & Science Fiction is out.  Here’s what Lois Tilton in Locus Online  has to say about my story “The Mantis Tattoo” There have been a number of stories concerning the meeting of modern humans and their predecessor species, a particularly favorite trope of mine. I’m not surprised to […]

F&SF March/April 2015

Newly anointed editor C. C. Finlay has released the cover and table of contents of the upcoming issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction. I like it, not least because I have a story in it: “The Mantis Tattoo,” 8700 words, a paleolithic fantasy in which the earliest Homo sapiens encounter a trickster god and an older […]

“Subduction” Again, and Some Other News

Today the post office brought me my contributor’s copy of the October, 2014 issue of the Chinese magazine Science Fiction World, which included a translation of my F&SF story “Subduction.”  My Japanese isn’t much help to me here, and I can only pick out enough characters to confirm that it is in fact my story. […]

“Subduction” Podcast on StarShipSofa!

    The guys at StarShipSofa have put together a wonderful podcast of my F&SF novelette “Subduction”! Many thanks to Assistant Editor Jeremy Szal for expediting production, and to Editor/Producer Tony Smith for his flattering words about the story and my writing group, Altered Fluid. When the story came out in print this summer, Lois […]

New Old Stuff, And A Nice Review

Hooray!  This is the package containing my contributor’s copies of Space Opera, edited by Rich Horton.  It’s an anthology of reprints by some great authors, and it also includes my story “The Muse of Empires Lost.” I’ve been looking forward to this delivery for a  long time. The original plan for this book started years ago, and […]

“Subduction” Interview

C.C. Finlay has posted an interview promoting my F&SF story “Subduction” on the Fantasy & Science Fiction blog.   It has a comic! And remember, there’s a free Kindle version of the story available here.