My novelette “The Mantis Tattoo” first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2015, edited by C. C. Finlay.  The magazine has graciously given me permission to make it available for free here:  

The Mantis Tattoo, Paul M Berger, F&SF

In his Locus review of the issue, Gardner Dozois called it “the best story here… suspenseful and entertaining enough to take a worthy place in the long roster of ‘prehistoric’ stories…”

In Locus Online Reviews, Lois Tilton said:

“…I’m not surprised to find that Berger has done it well; his story “Subduction” was my favorite F&SF piece from 2014, from the first Finlay-edited issue. This one combines the best of two genres: a neat trickster story from the folklore tradition, and paleontological speculation about the way modern humans might have prevailed in a contest between the species… RECOMMENDED”

When the issue was released, F&SF ran an interview in which I discussed the inspiration for the story.  You can see it here.  Mild spoilers, so I’d recommend reading the story first.