Today the post office brought me my contributor’s copy of the October, 2014 issue of the Chinese magazine Science Fiction World, which included a translation of my F&SF story “Subduction.”  My Japanese isn’t much help to me here, and I can only pick out enough characters to confirm that it is in fact my story.  But they included this amazing illustration:

Subduction Illustration - SF World 2014-10 (2)

 (Click it a couple of times to get the full-size image.)

Sure, it’s a spoiler for the whole second half of the story, but I’m impressed by how close this is to the way I envisioned the scene.  And I like how the artist captures the sense of the dragon as an elemental, rather than some big reptile. (Though the tough chick who helps save the day doesn’t particularly need to be on her knees…)

In Locus Online this week, Lois Tilton posted a list of her favorite stories of 2014, and “Subduction” was one of them!  She also singled out two other Altered Fluidians: Rick Bowes for “Sleep Walking Now and Then,” and Tom Crosshill, for “The Magician and LaPlace’s Demon.”


Related news…

C. C. Finlay dropped hints on Twitter this morning about the TOC for his March/April issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction.  It looks like it will include stories by Bao Shu, Henry Lien, Charlotte Ashley, Jenn Reese, Caroline M. Yoachim, Ken Liu, Jonathan L. Howard, Alice Sola Kim, and my Clarion classmate Kat Howard.  Plus, my novelette “The Mantis Tattoo,” 8700 words, paleolithic trickster god fantasy.