The critics have started to post reviews of the July/August issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, which includes my story Subduction.  The first one we heard from was Lois Tilton in Locus Online — she gave my story a “Recommended,” and wrote:

Excellent adult fiction…an inspired notion, and the prose makes it a joy to read.

Lois Tilton said that.

Also, my author’s copies of the issue just arrived.  Here’s what it looks like:

When I first saw that cover, I took a quick peek and was immediately  jealous of all the folks whose names appeared on it.  Fellow Altered Fluid member Alaya Dawn Johnson is listed there, but she certainly deserves it because her work has been getting a lot of attention lately.  Then a few minutes later I took another look, and this time I noticed, way up at the very top, my name, along with the title of the story.  Usually when I’m mentioned on a cover, my name is spelled “…And Others” and it appears towards the bottom.  I almost didn’t recognize it this time.

Subduction will be the story included in the promotional digest of this issue, which means it will be available for free as a Kindle e-book download during July and August.