The embargo is over and I’m free to announce this: My story “Subduction” has been bought by The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, to appear in the issue guest-edited by C.C. Finlay (July/August)!

This is a particular thrill for me because I recall reading F&SF as far back as middle school, and it was my first real exposure to short-form speculative fiction.  As a kid, when I imagined being a writer, I pictured that it would involve this magazine.

(Coincidentally, Gordon Van Gelder, the magazine’s editor and publisher, has strong ties to the American Museum of Natural History as well — his father, Richard Van Gelder, was the chairman of the Mammalogy department, and was responsible for designing the famous blue whale exhibit in the Millstein Hall of Ocean Life.)

It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful issue.  Fellow Altered Fluid member Alaya Dawn Johnson also has a great story in it.

The stories in this issue will be:

  • William Alexander, “The Only Known Law”
  • Charlie Jane Anders, “Palm Strike’s Last Case”
  • Paul M. Berger, “Subduction”
  • Haddayr Copley-Woods, “Belly”
  • Sarina Dorie, “The Day of the Nuptial Flight”
  • Annalee Flower Horne, “Seven Things Cadet Blanchard Learned From the Trade Summit Incident”
  • Cat Hellisen, “The Girls Who Go Below”
  • Alaya Dawn Johnson, “A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai’i”
  • Sandra McDonald, “End of the World Community College”
  • David Erik Nelson, “The Traveling Salesman Solution”
  • Dinesh Rao, “The Aerophone”
  • Ian Tregillis, “Testimony of Samuel Frobisher Regarding Events Upon His Majesty’s Ship Confidence, 14-22 June, 1818, With Diagrams”


Here’s the link to C.C. Finlay’s announcement.

751 people submitted stories for this issue during his two week reading period.  Here’s his blog entry about his decision process, with a heavy dose of rejectomancy.