I just got a bit of nice press:  Rich Horton calls my story “Home Again” one of Interzones best three short stories of 2009.   (Novellas and novelettes are separate categories, but still…)


“The best short stories were: “Home Again”, by Paul M. Berger (April), a short story with a sharp ending about a man piloting “thought-ships” across the universe while trying to maintain his family’s reality; “Unexpected Outcomes”, by Tim Pratt (June), in which a certain Tim Pratt, and the rest of the world, realize on 9/11 that the world is a simulation — and end up taking action about that; and another June story, Sarah L. Edwards’s “Lady of the White-Spired City”, about a woman in an interstellar society returning to a planet on which her long ago (due to time dilation) visit has made her the stuff of legend.”

(Thanks to Mercurio Rivera for pointing this out to me!)