Max Headroom

So, I’m finally on the Internet.  [Looks around, taps inside of your monitor.]  I figure it’s time I had a home of my own here.

I’ll be using this site to post a bit about my writing, and to share some of my favorite pictures of cool things I’ve come across in my daily wanderings or while traveling.  I’ve been volunteering in the American Museum of Natural History in various capacities lately, so many of these pictures are likely to be from the museum.  One of the things I do is serve as an explainer in the live butterfly exhibit (which re-opens this weekend after its summer hiatus!), and there will probably be a lot of new shots of cool bugs, posted here.

I’ll use this space to blog from time to time, but I don’t have any causes that I can think of off the top of my head, and I’m too private to post anything resembling a journal, so it’s likely to lean towards news I want to share and interesting stories that bear re-telling.

I want to thank my friend Matt Kressel for his help in putting this site together and accommodating my various picky demands.  Senses Five Press is his love, and IT consulting is his business, and if you need help with your own web efforts you can reach him here.